Ella Chen pregnant with second child?

The couple has not denied the rumours

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Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen tied the knot with businessman Alvin Lai in 2012. A few days shy of their fifth wedding anniversary, the couple welcomed their first child, a boy, and have since expressed their wish to have another baby.

However, it seems the couple has changed their minds about expanding their family as Ella expressed during a recent press conference for her upcoming New Year film Big Three Dragons that she and her husband have decided against having another child.

During the press conference, she cheekily added that contraception was the key, and explained, "I don't want to have more children because I'm afraid my husband will feel less loved (...) People say that sons are there to make their mothers happy, and daughters make their fathers happy. That's why I'm a blessed, healthy and happy person!"

Soon after the press conference ended, news of Ella being pregnant with her second child made the headlines as they shared that her family and close friends have all heard the good news.

Reports claimed that the 37-year-old is currently in her first trimester of pregnancy, and cannot announce the news yet due to the Chinese superstition that it is bad luck to talk about your pregnancy within the first three months of conceiving.

Alvin was contacted by the media to give his comment on the news, to which he responded with, "Where did you hear this from? (Ella) just talked about contraception today". He added that the rumours were "funny", but did not directly confirm or deny the pregnancy rumours. Ella has yet to comment on the news at press time.

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