Ella Chen and Derek Chang attended the premiere of their New Year film Big Three Dragons in Taipei on January 30.

Ella wore a black dress with a sexy thigh-high slit that showed off her legs. The cheeky singer-actress then vowed that if their movie earns over TWD 100 million (about S$4.38 million) at the box office, she will cut the slit 10 centimetres higher to her waist. "And if it does even better than that, I will cut the slit to right below my armpit!" she quipped.

As for Derek, Ella said that he should replicate a scene from their movie and show up on stage wearing only a pair of briefs. Derek quickly corrected her, saying that he actually wears a pair of boxers in the scene, to which Ella said, "Then you can wear a pair of boxers on stage, but give an audience member a pair of scissors for them to cut them into briefs!"

Poor Derek then reluctantly agreed to wear briefs on stage, saying, "Okay, if you say so. But that can only happen if our movie makes over TWD 300 million (about S$13.1 million) at the box office!"

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