Ella Chen implicitly confirms pregnancy

The S.H.E member is rumoured to be expecting her second child

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On December 18, Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen was reported to be expecting her second child, shortly after a press conference for her upcoming movie Big Three Dragons, where she joked that she and her husband are resorting to contraception to avoid getting pregnant.

At the time, reports claimed that she is currently in her first trimester of pregnancy and can only announce the good news after her fetus is four months old. After being contacted to comment on the news, Ella’s husband, businessman Alvin Lai, did not confirm nor deny the rumours and left reporters hanging with his open-ended answer.

Yesterday (December 18), however, the pregnancy rumours gained traction as Ella changed the display picture on her various social media platforms. She has changed her profile photo to blurred-out photos of herself with a loading animation superimposed on it. Netizens noticed that across all her platforms, the status of the loading animation is at 25 per cent, which has led to numerous theories on what Ella is about to announce.

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One of the most popular theories is that the mother-of-one is implicitly confirming the news of the pregnancy, with the 25 per cent referring to being a quarter along in her 37 weeks of pregnancy, which would put her at between nine and 10 weeks along.

Ella and Alvin married in 2012 and welcomed their first child in April 2017. Since welcoming the little boy to the family, Ella has freely shared updates on the 2-year-old, and ‘Jin Bao’ (or Strong Baby) even went as far as stealing the spotlight when he took the stage at S.H.E’s 17th anniversary concert in September.

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