Ella Chen: Don't do something just because you’re 'at the age to do it'

The singer-actress hopes to convey this message with her latest music video


Ahead of her birthday fan meetings later this month, Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen released a new song ‘How Old Are You', along with a music video that she starred in.

In the video, Ella plays a woman who faces the dilemma of accepting her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, or a promotion at work. Through her song, the 37-year-old hopes to impart the message that one should not be burdened by societal pressures. “Don't feel pressured to do something just because you’re 'at the age to do it””, Ella shared.

The music video also has two different endings to it, to show that there is no right or wrong when it comes to the two outcomes the main character has to choose between. Ella shared that the process of filming caused her much stress, as she tried her best to not affect the overall mood of the video.


“Please watch it 100 times because you'll discover something new every time. The devil is in the details,” Ella laughed.

However, her biggest worry while filming the video was not how to portray her character’s feelings accurately. Rather, it was a particular running scene in the video that had worried her the most. 

“I was worried that if everyone saw my jowls (in the shot), they’ll really wonder, how old am I,” the singer-actress joked. Ella then shared that she feels that the scene was shot very well. “My hair looked really elegant. I hope that shampoo advertisers will call me up after the music video goes online.”

Photos: PBE Media

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