Ella Chen continues her careless streak by leaving her personal belongings in Show Luo’s car

The singer-actress only realised that she had left her wallet behind after seeing Show’s Weibo post.


Earlier this week, Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen made a frantic post on her Facebook page in the wee hours of the morning, wondering if anyone had picked up her passport. 

The post was later deleted and it was revealed that the 38-year-old had managed to get a replacement passport on short notice, with no major disruption to her travel plans in the end.

While all might have seemed well and good for the singer-actress, it appears that her careless streak has yet to end.

Yesterday (Nov 12), Taiwanese singer-actor Show Luo uploaded a post on his Weibo account, which included a selfie of him wearing a pair of sunglasses and posing with a wallet.

“Who left their sunglasses and wallet in the car? Quickly come forward and reclaim these from me! I'll give them out otherwise,” Show wrote in his post. 


Soon after Show uploaded his post, Ella left a comment, writing, “Oh my! It’s mine! And I only noticed (that I’d left these behind) when I saw your post. I really need to eat some gingko nuts (to boost my memory).”

The duo filmed for the variety show, Sing or Spin the day before, and Ella had left her personal belongings behind in Show’s car after work ended.

However, Show did not seem willing to relinquish his hold on Ella’s belongings so easily, replying, “I'll hide in a certain spot and if you’re unable to find me before the timer runs out, the wallet and sunglasses will become mine,” to the amusement of his fans.

Playing along, Ella then replied, “Don't do this to me! That being said, there always seems to be  spotlight following you wherever you go, so it should be easy to locate you.”

The singer-actress also mentioned her husband, businessman Alvin Lai in a separate comment, writing, “I'm sorry! I’ll go back and write “bigger brain” 100 times (as penance).”

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