To celebrate her 38th birthday, Ella Chen spent six months and a reported NT$10 million (about S$435,600) to organise The Ella Show, an event that was a combination of a talk show, musical, and concert all in one, in Taipei on June 17.

Dressed in a sharp suit and sporting braided hair, the Taiwanese singer-actress introduced herself as the rapper of S.H.E and performed her new song ‘Stop Nagging’ for the small but passionate crowd of about 270 people in the audience.

According to Ella, she was heavily involved in the planning of the event, from the script to the choreography, but it was her husband Alvin Lai who suffered the most stress as the producer.

“Because of this show, he aged 10 years!” she revealed. “It often kept him up at night, and whenever he thought of any great ideas, he would wake me up to share them with me, and then the both of us would have insomnia together. (Laughs)”

The theme of the talk show segment covered topics such as living in a modern society, parent-child relationship issues, and celebrity careers. Ella even dressed up as a man to act out a short scene of a family drama, fascinating everyone on site.

With a second show set to take place on her actual birthday today (Jun 18), many fans are wondering if her bandmates Selina Jen and Hebe Tien will be showing up then. However, Ella shared a statement through her company Jinhua Entertainment, saying, “Selina and Hebe were invited to attend the second show on the 18th, but they both have work on that day and are still trying to coordinate their schedules, so we are unable to confirm if they can make it.”

Photos: TPG