Eliza Sam has mixed feelings on returning to work

The new mother is excited to start work again, but can't help missing her son


Earlier this March, Hong Kong actress Eliza Sam and her non-celebrity husband welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Jacob. Since then, the 34-year-old has been on maternity leave as she focused on her bundle of joy.

On Wednesday (May 29), the actress made her first public appearance since giving birth at a brand event. Dressed in a wrap dress, Eliza revealed that she has since dropped off all the extra weight she gained during pregnancy. “I can button up the last button on my jeans now,” she laughed.

“This is my first day of work (since giving birth). When I left the house this morning, I couldn’t bear to leave (my son) but once I sat down in on the makeup chair that I'm used to, I felt a surge of happiness,” Eliza said. 

The actress went on to share that work is something that she enjoys and that she wishes to continue pursuing her career.


As a first-time mother, Eliza shared that she felt extremely thankful for her parents, especially her mother, for her sacrifices. Adding that her husband felt the same, Eliza then revealed that her mother is currently helping to take care of Jacob. But, as Eliza’s mother will be returning to Canada in a few months, her husband plans to hire a nanny to take care of Jacob in the future.

“The best case scenario would be for me to find a balance between my work (and family), because I wish to witness my son's growth,” Eliza explained.

The actress also recounted her birth experience with a chuckle. “My son really loves me. I gave birth even before I could get an epidural. On the day that I gave birth, I reached the hospital at 11, started experiencing contractions at 3, and gave birth at 5.”

Eliza also shared that Jacob’s Chinese name is Wu Zhu Xuan (吴主轩), which was given to him by her parents-in-law. When asked if she plans to have a second child, Eliza answered, “You'll have to wait for me to settle this child first, (before I have another child). I do wish to have both a son and a daughter”.

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