Eliza Sam attended a press conference for a beauty centre in Hong Kong on May 29. This was her first public appearance since giving birth to her first child in March.

The new mother happily shared that she is just a few pounds shy of her pre-pregnancy weight. “I can fit into my old jeans again,” she said. “I can finally fasten that very last button!”

According to the actress, she was fortunate enough to have a very smooth-sailing delivery. “My contractions started at about 3pm, and Jacob was born by about 7pm,” she shared. With such a positive experience, is Eliza already keen to try for a second child, especially a girl? “We would like to, but it might not happen that soon,” she said.

Eliza then shared about her plans to throw a huge 100th day party for Jacob and invite lots of her friends to come. “My son is like a tiny version of my husband,” she laughed. “Although he’s only about two months old, he’s usually very calm and quiet, and is fine with being carried by anyone.”

When asked if she has already thought about returning to acting projects anytime soon, Eliza revealed that before leaving her house that morning, she could not bear to part with her son. However, as soon as she sat in the makeup chair, she felt very excited to return to work. That said, she has yet to bring this topic up to her husband. “I don’t dare to discuss it with him yet!” she laughed.

Photos: TPG