Eliza Sam and Carlos Chan attended an event celebrating the beginning of the Spring Festival in Hong Kong on January 22.

Part of the event included having them change the diapers of a baby doll, a seemingly simple activity that seemed to confuse them. Carlos admitted that he has absolutely no experience taking care of a baby, while Eliza, who is six months pregnant with her first child, said that this is definitely a new skill she needs to pick up.

"Leanne Li's baby daughter is adorable," she gushed. "If I have the chance to go and help take care of her, then perhaps I will be able to get some practice."

The actress then admitted that she has not thought about whether she wants to give birth in Hong Kong, where she is currently based, or in Canada, where she herself was born. "It's an urgent decision I have to make soon, but the most important thing is to have a safe and smooth-sailing delivery," she said, adding that she has already made up her mind to have a natural birth as she is afraid of knives.

When asked about the reports that he had travelled to Japan with rumoured girlfriend Jeannie Chan in December last year, Carlos declined to answer, and said that he is busy focusing on his career at the moment, and will let nature take its course when it comes to love.