Actresses Grace Chan and Eliza Sam, who are both expecting their first children, attended a promotional event for a skincare brand in Hong Kong on January 15.

Eliza previously updated her social media pages with pictures of herself on vacation in Hawaii, earning praise from netizens as "the hottest mother-to-be". "I'm actually quite a timid person, but I became a lot braver after getting pregnant," she shared. "I usually scream when I see a cockroach, but these days, I will scream and then kill it, because I want my baby to grow up in a clean environment."

Eliza then said that she recently had the chance to carry Leanne Li and Wong Cho Lam's daughter. "She is so cute! She looks like a mix of both of her parents," she said.

Grace revealed that her husband Kevin Cheng has already fulfilled his promise to personally make soup for her. "He spent six to seven hours making it - I drank every last drop and even ate the ingredients," she gushed. Grace also reported that the couple has already picked Chinese and English names for their son.

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