Elaine Yiu denies sex tape accusations

The actress confirmed that she was not involved in the video, and urged the public to respect the privacy of others


Hong Kong actress Elaine Yiu has strongly denied any involvement after an alleged sex tape showing her and her ex-boyfriend Raymond Young surfaced online.

Before the sex tape was released, a selfie of the former couple in bed together was released online. This gave rise to rumours that Elaine was the third party in Raymond’s previous marriage. 

However, Elaine later held a press conference, where she clarified that Raymond was separated from his ex-wife at that time. She also shared that Raymond’s ex-wife, Sarika Choy, knew of their relationship. 

Elaine also shared that she has since broken up with Raymond. As for the picture of them in bed together, Elaine expressed that she was unaware that the picture existed until it was released to the public. 

The 38-year-old also addressed the alleged “sex tape” that has been spreading online and denied that she was the woman in the video. Elaine then shared that she hopes that the public will stop spreading such videos, and to respect the privacy of the female in the video as well.

On Tuesday (May 28), Elaine shared a short statement online, writing, “Leaving my status as a celebrity behind, I am just a normal person as well. My silence is not because I'm afraid (...) and my conscience is clear,” she wrote.

Elaine also thanked her fans and friends for their support through this difficult time.

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Elaine Yiu clarifies rumoured relationship with married man

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