Elaine Ng refuses to give daughter Etta Ng any more money

This is likely because she disapproves of Etta's wife


Earlier last month, reports claiming that 19-year-old Etta Ng’s relationship with her wife, Canadian social media influencer Andi Autumn was on the rocks were published. Although neither Etta nor Andi commented on the reports, the couple were recently spotted eating together, indirectly refuting the reports.

However, it seems that the relationship between Etta and her mother, Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng is not exactly cordial right now. Etta and her mother has always had a rocky relationship, with Etta making the news back in 2017 when Elaine made a police report after Etta stole from her.

While the mother-daughter duo later reconciled, Elaine has repeatedly made her disapproval of Andi, who’s 12 years older than Etta, known. This has caused conflict between Etta and Elaine, with Etta and Andi moving out of Elaine’s house, and maintaining little to no contact with her.


Last Saturday (July 27), Elaine shared in an interview that she had not met Etta for five months, and that she is no longer giving her any money. Elaine also refused to mention Andi by name, referring to her as “other people”.

When pressed for an answer, she would only say, “Other than my cats and my daughter, the affairs of other people do not concern me. Even if you say I’m selfish, that’s fine.”

She also let on that she had become more positive towards Etta, occasionally sending her text messages. The actress also said that she makes sure to warn her daughter to be less susceptible to others' influence. However, their relationship can be considered to be at a standstill, neither improving nor deteriorating.

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