Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter, Etta Ng, confirmed earlier this week that she has registered her marriage with Canadian influencer Andi Autumn through posts on her social media platforms.

The couple, who is currently believed to be in Hong Kong, registered their marriage overseas but their union is currently not recognised under Hong Kong law. As such, Etta’s mother, Elaine Ng, has been badgered by the media about her thoughts and comments on her daughter’s wedding.

Elaine, who has been openly supportive of her daughter’s relationship, was asked if she knew about the wedding, to which she chuckled, “It’s impossible for me not to know.” She was then asked if she approves of the union. She said, “Why wouldn’t I give her my blessing?”

Elaine also shared that she met up with Etta “a few days ago”, and called herself her daughter’s eternal best friend. As for her thoughts on same-sex relationships, Elaine would only say, “I have many close friends who are in same-sex marriages, so I don’t have anything in particular to say about it.”

In a follow-up post on her personal Instagram page, Andi wrote a long letter of thanks to those who have shown support for her and Etta. She penned, “Thank you to all those who support [Etta] and I. We will never give up on those who want love and we will keep fighting for freedom against those who live in the past. Change is hard for anyone, it can even make you ill if your mind cannot comprehend what you were once sure of. Embrace the unknown, only then, can we accept new knowledge with evolved thoughts that only make us curious to understand it more.The biggest fear for humans is the unknown (the universe, deep ocean, ourselves). Some hunt for adventure with curiosity and open mind. This leads to [intelligence], mental comfort; happiness. Finding ways to not disturb their minds but ease homophobes into the future so they too can feel loved. (sic)”

Photos: PBE Media

Jackie Chan’s daughter Etta Ng is married
Elaine Ng approves of daughter Etta Ng’s marriage plans
Etta Ng is engaged to Canadian girlfriend

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