Elaine Ng arrested for abusing her daughter

The former actress is a compulsive drinker and smoker and her daughter wants her to seek help


Former Hong Kong television host and actress Elaine Ng was arrested for abusing her 15-year-old daughter and failing her duties as a mother.

Her daughter, Etta Ng, whom she had given birth after having an affair with global superstar Jackie Chan, confessed to her teachers that she was beaten by her mother who is a compulsive drinker and smoker.

The 15-year-old recounted Elaine regularly consuming two bottles of wine daily and smoking excessively. “When she cannot drink anymore, she would force herself to vomit so that she can take in more. Once she is drunk, she would simply cry.”

Even when Etta persuaded her mother to quit drinking and seek medical help, the 42-year-old could not take her advice. When asked if she was beaten by her mother in her wasted state, the 15-year-old admitted that Elaine would frequently push or knock into her when she is drunk.

However, she said painstakingly, “It is alright that she has hit me. I just need someone to help her as I cannot do so myself.”

Etta approached her teacher for help as she harboured  suicidal thoughts and was ostracised in school.

In a phone interview with the media, Elaine emphasised that she had only consumed red wine as she suffered from insomnia and did not want to rely on medication. She also clarified that she did not consume drugs.


Speaking of her daughter’s decision to seek help with the police, she commented, “I know that she loves me. She only wanted to seek help as she was worried of my poor health condition and work stress.” Elaine also admitted to hitting Etta a few years ago.

She expressed her remorse for ‘not giving Etta a sense of security’ and said in an assuring voice, “Mummy will take care of her health!”

Though the 42-year-old is currently on bail, she would need to report to relevant authorities again in mid-May. It is also rumoured that she is barred from visiting her daughter at the moment and could only do so after May 11.

On the other hand, Etta’s father Jackie expressed through his Taiwanese manager Emma that he declines to comment on the issue.


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