Elaine Ng airs grievances against daughter Etta Ng’s wife

The actress complained that she refused to get a job


Former Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng has taken to Facebook to air her grievances against her estranged daughter, Etta Ng’s wife, Canadian influencer, Andi Autumn.

On Sunday, in the wee hours of the morning, Elaine posted a series of pictures of Andi in revealing clothes on her Facebook, as well as a blurry picture of a text conversation, where Etta is pleading for help in English. The post was accompanied by a English caption, which read, “More blessed to give than to receive my dearest, happy new year, wish you all the best free lunch and free love (sic)”.

When a couple of confused fans messaged Elaine to ask her about her post, the 45-year-old shared that Etta has been approaching her friends incessantly to borrow money. Elaine also added that she had taken the initiative to help the couple look for jobs when they first returned to Hong Kong, however, Andi, who had previously worked as a kindergarten teacher taking in roughly HK$300 000 (approximately SG$51,737) annually, had professed to have agoraphobia, a fear of crowds. As a result, Andi did not want to find a job where she had to face large crowds of people again. According to Elaine, Etta had told her in confidence that she felt as if she had let down her wife, and had asked Elaine for her help.


However, Elaine seemed to have had enough with Andi’s behaviour, writing, “Should I raise money so she can see a doctor? (I) don’t even know if the hospital is able to treat such a phobia?”. 

Etta herself has also responded to her mother’s post, sharing that she feels like a hindrance, and that she does not understand why her mother had to air their dirty laundry in public, making her dissatisfaction with her mother’s behaviour known.

Etta and Andi went public with their relationship in October last year. A month later, they moved to Canada and opened a photo studio there, before tying the knot in November. They have since moved back to Hong Kong, citing financial difficulties.

Elaine had Etta in 1999, after an affair with Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan

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