Elaine Jin opens up on the struggles of chemotherapy

The veteran actress was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the start of the year


Hong Kong veteran actress Elaine Jin is known as a great actress, having bagged the Best Supporting Actress award multiple times at the Golden Horse Awards.

Earlier this year, the 64-year-old revealed to the public that she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Since then, she has gone through five rounds of chemotherapy.

On Monday (May 27), she made an appearance on the radio show, Da Wan Pai, where she shared more about her journey to recovery. During her interview, Elaine shared that she has undergone surgery to remove her appendix, lymph nodes, uterus, as well as her ovaries. Additionally, her doctor had prescribed six rounds of chemotherapy for her.

After going through five rounds of chemotherapy, the actress revealed that she only has eight strands of eyelashes left, and suffers from severe aches and pains. Elaine also shared that the pain was beyond what she expected.

Even so, she has maintained a positive outlook on life. Laughing, she shared that she often looks for her friends to play mahjong whenever she feels down.

“Dressing up is not for the sake of other people, but for myself. When I see myself all dolled up, I feel better,” Elaine shared.

Adding on, she continued, “For humans, there will definitely be a day that you have to die. Regardless of whether it’s due to cancer or other ailments, you’ll still die and it’s just a matter of time”. 

Elaine’s positive attitude garnered her loads of praise from the hosts of the radio show and netizens alike, who sent in their well-wishes for the veteran actress.

Photos: PBE Media

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