Edwin Goh wants to play Shane Pow and Teoh Zetong’s reel-life little brother

He’s even decided who should play their mother

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Celebrity doppelgängers are nothing new – we’ve seen local actors get mistaken for one another for ages.

Take Edwin Goh for example. He’s been mistaken for close buddy Shane Pow for years, although they have – gasp – never acted in a drama together.

When we caught up with Edwin at the press conference of upcoming drama The Good Fight on yesterday (Nov 5), we also took the opportunity to ask him about the newest addition to his lookalike ‘collection’: Star Search 2019 champ Teoh Zetong.

“I ran into Ah Jie Zoe Tay in the office the day before, and she congratulated me on winning Star Search!” he chuckled. “I guess we do look a little alike.”

Edwin has seen Zetong around at Mediacorp before, and let on that he does think that they do resemble each other, at least from certain angles. He quipped, “Hey, he’s pretty good looking, so when people say that we look alike, I’ll take it as a good thing!”

And it’s not just Edwin. Even Shane has been mistaken for Zetong, having received a direct message (DM) on Instagram from a netizen congratulating him on his Star Search win.

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If given the chance, Edwin would love to act with both Shane and Zetong in a drama as brothers. The actor even has his character all planned out – he’ll play the youngest in the family: a rebel who causes problems for his older brothers.

“The thing about Shane and I is that we can both play nice guy characters or bad guys. Before I went into the army, I was always playing gangster or paikia (bad guy) roles, but ever since I came back from the army, I’ve been ‘reformed’ and have been playing good guy roles,” he chuckled. “Most recently, however, I’ve been playing an ex-paikia, so since I’ve summoned my inner bad guy, I think I’ll do well in a bad guy role!”

With three brothers in the reel-life family, he thinks that they need a “formidable” mother to keep them in check, and he has just the candidate in mind: Huang Biren.

“She’s an amazing actress, and it’s very easy to bring out certain emotions when you work with people who you can bounce off of,” the 25-year-old gushed.

Casting directors, you know what to do.

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Since our story went up, Zetong and Biren have given their stamps of approval.

“I’ve experienced that recently with (Chen) Liping jie and Rui En, and I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to learn so much from them while we were filming Old is Gold.”

And while filming for the long-form drama has since wrapped, Edwin reveals that he’s been hanging out a lot more with co-stars Rui En and Chantalle Ng as of late. They’ve been introduced to Muay Thai at Tanglin Community Club, where Rui En trains, which Edwin remarked is something that he really enjoys doing.

He revealed, “It’s interesting because it’s the only time I’ve seen people yell at Rui En to get her to do better or go harder at training! There’s just something about sweating it out and suffering through gruelling training with friends that makes you grow closer to one another.”

The Good Fight is available on demand for free on Toggle from November 18.
The Good Fight premieres November 18, 9pm on Channel 8.

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