Actor and Grasshopper member Edmond So held a charity dinner and fashion show to promote his clothing line in Hong Kong on September 13, and singer-actress Jinny Ng was there to show her support.

Edmond shared that he would go shopping in a suit. "If my wife were to suddenly ask me to accompany her to buy vegetables at the market after this, I would not purposely go home to change my clothes," he said.

Edmond's eldest daughter will go to Japan to study at the end of next month. He said that although there have been a lot of natural disasters happening in the country lately, he is not worried about her. "My wife and I will go and visit her whenever we are free."

He also straightforwardly said that if his daughter wishes to open her own dessert store in the future, he would not help her financially, saying that if she wants to run a business, she should work towards it by herself.

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