Edmond Leung arrested for drink-driving

Netizens say the Hong Kong actor should be punished by law


According to Hong Kong media reports, Hong Kong singer Edmond Leung was arrested by police for suspected drink-driving, after his car crashed into a railing in the early morning of January 23.

At around one in the morning, the 46-year-old singer was reported to have lost control of his car when he was making a right turn, crashing into the railing as a result. The impact from the crash activated the air bag in his car, and the front left of the car was badly damaged. The singer himself escaped the incident unscathed.

When police arrived at the scene, they arrested Edmond on allegations of driving under influence. The singer failed the breathalyser test administered at the scene, with breath-alcohol levels more than three times above the legal limit of 22mcg/100ml.

The singer has since been released on bail, but will have to report back to the police next month.


Edmond was later seen leaving the police station dressed in a black cap and sunglasses at around 5 the same morning. He refused media questions and left in a taxi while talking on his phone.

When news of the incident broke, netizens commented that he “must be punished,” claiming that he could have taken a taxi because they “are not very expensive.” Harsher criticism include asking the singer to “appreciate his life more considering how he isn’t famous.”

Photo: PBE Media

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