Edison Chen’s promotional activities in China comes to an abrupt end

The Hong Kong actor was on live broadcast when it took place

edison chen

Hong Kong actor Edison Chen was in Shanghai on March 17 to promote a new collaboration with Nike when he was taken away forcibly by an unidentified man, forcing the live stream feed of his activities to come to an abrupt end.

In the video, Edison was dressed in sportswear, and only managed to speak two lines before he was roughly pushed off-camera and ordered to leave by a man in a gruff voice.

As the actor was last captured in a flustered expression before he was led away, the sudden disruption of the event left fans in a panic, as they wondered if Edison had broken Chinese laws and was getting apprehended by Chinese police.

As the 37-year-old actor was born in Vancouver, Canada and holds a Canadian passport, many believed he was breaking the rules by promoting in China without undergoing legal procedures. Others also believed the incident may be related to recent measures taken within the country to tighten security.

Later that evening, Edison’s official fan club assured all fans that the actor was fine via Weibo, and clarified that “the event’s abrupt end had nothing to do with Edison”. They added that the actor simply “returned to his hotel” after he was brought away.

The actor’s management company also spoke up about the matter, and shared that the event was called to a halt in order “to protect all the fans who had turned up at the event”.

When interviewed by Hong Kong media to share his feelings on the matter, Edison expressed, “It’s nothing much, I’m doing great. I’m just doing my job. For more details, please direct your questions to the event organisers.”

The organising parties have not responded to media questions at present time.

Photos: PBE Media

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