Edison Chen’s girlfriend gets blasted by her ex-husband

The model got called “bigamous” and was said to have “no potential”


Hong Kong singer-actor Edison Chen and model girlfriend Qin Shupei welcomed a baby girl in March this year. The new mother has resumed her gym routine after giving birth in order to get her physique ready for the upcoming 2017 Victoria’s secret fashion show happening in Shanghai this December.

However, Shupei’s name did not appear on the most recent list of models that would be walking the show. Her ex-husband Zhao Lei, who is the general manager of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, immediately took the chance to gloat and make snarky remarks on Weibo the same day.

He first started by saying that he was in an especially good mood and made the statement that “justice would always triumph over evil” and even accused the couple of committing crimes of bigamy. This would not be the first time that he thought his ex-wife had cheated on him with Edison. He later went as far as to curse Shupei for not having an abortion and remarked that the reason she was not chosen for the show was due to her lack of potential.

The 27-year-old model seemed unfazed by his harsh words and did not bother to comment on what was said. Instead, she took to Instagram to express her love for her family with a picture of her daughter on Saturday (Aug 26). She posted another picture the following day of a surfer on a beach and she tagged Edison with the caption “Soon?” indicating that she wanted to go to the beach with him in the near future, to which he replied that he could definitely do that.

Shupei and Zhao Lei divorced in 2015 and she began publicly dating Edison in 2016. The model has also previously walked in the 2012 Victoria’s secret show.

Photo: PBE Media

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