Edison Chen pulls new designs off the shelves after plagiarism accusation

The designs in question were lifted from a Taiwanese designer’s tattoo designs


Hong Kong actor Edison Chen’s fashion brand, CLOT, which is known for its streetwear designs and collections, recently released a line of basketball jerseys, modelled by Taiwanese singer-actress Nana Ouyang. 

However, it seems that CLOT has come under fire lately, with a Taiwanese designer, who goes by ‘Diao Quan’ claiming that the brand had copied his tattoo designs for a line of tees.

“An artist should not act like this, using other people’s sweat and tears for profit,” he wrote.


After Diao Quan posted the pictures of his designs and the T-shirts in question online, many netizens sided with him, with some questioning the high price tags of the tees.

On Wednesday, CLOT issued a statement, sharing that they had decided to launch a T-shirt line in order to encourage fans of the brand to actively create their own designs. After they received a submission from a netizen, they were impressed by the design, and decided to print the designs to sell.

“We regret that we were unable to investigate properly, to ascertain the original owner of the work. After knowing that the fan (who submitted the designs) had used other people’s works to establish a relationship with CLOT, we felt very surprised and indignant. We hope to use this chance to extend our heartfelt apologies to the artist who was plagiarised,” the statement read.

CLOT has also since pulled the designs in question off their shelves, and will destroy all existing stock. They also shared that they are in contact with their lawyers, to hold the plagiariser legally accountable for his actions. They also shared that they will be more stringent with their vetting in the future. Finally, they shared that they greatly admired the work of Diao Quan, and hoped to be able to work with him in the future.

Photos: PBE Media

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