Edison Chen lashes out at netizens hating on Nana Ouyang

The 18-year-old was fat-shamed after modelling for Edison’s fashion brand


Taiwanese singer-actress Nana Ouyang recently shot a series of pictures modelling Hong Kong actor Edison Chen’s fashion brand’s clothes. In the pictures, which was later posted on Edison's Instagram account, the 18-year-old was dressed casually in a sleeveless basketball jersey.

However, netizens zeroed in on the fact that Nana seemed to have “gained weight” while studying in America, with one even commenting that it was a “really really sh**ty choice of the model (sic)”.

Enraged, Edison then replied to the netizen in question, typing out, “Yall dumb… u dont like what I post unfollow me b***h…nana cool. (sic)”


Nana’s older sister, Taiwanese actress Nini Ouyang also spoke up for her younger sister, explaining that their entire family has a sweet tooth, and that the stress of studying in America got to her younger sister. As a result, Nana’s appetite increased, but that she still makes sure to manage her weight through exercise.

Nana herself also responded to the comments in a light-hearted manner and wrote, “(Yes), it does look like I’ve gained a bit of weight”.

Photos: PBE Media

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