Edison Chen harassed by vlogger in Japan

The actor lost his cool after the vlogger insisted on filming him


Hong Kong actor Edison Chen is known for his hot temper, having gone on many online and offline rants throughout his time in the spotlight. Among the list of people he has blown his top at include netizens, reporters, as well as fellow celebrities.

Though he has mellowed out considerably since welcoming his daughter, Alaia Chen with Chinese supermodel Qin Shupei, a recent video uploaded by a vlogger on Weibo has revealed that the 38-year-old’s temper is still as fiery as before.

The video, which was uploaded on Monday (April 1), had the vlogger sharing that he had run into Edison while out on the streets in Japan. At the time, with his video camera on, the vlogger had approached the actor to ask if they could take a picture together.


However, Edison declined with a smile, saying, “I'm with my child so I’m sorry that it'll be inconvenient to do so today." Despite his polite refusal, the vlogger continued filming, while repeating multiple times, "Edison is scolding someone!”

Angered, Edison then turned the camera towards him, before yelling, “I'm telling you now, the next time you see me, this is the reaction that you’ll get from me, (do) you understand?"

Continuing on, he said, “When I’m (out together) with my child, don’t trigger me,” before walking away with Alaia. However, when Edison turned around, he realised that the vlogger was still filming him.

Yelling from a distance this time, the actor said, “Do you still want to set me off? Do you still want to film me?” standing still and observing them until the vlogger walked away in the opposite direction.


As the vlogger made his retreat, he ended the video with one last comment, saying, “Aren’t I the best?”

The video was widely criticised by netizens and fans alike once it was uploaded on Weibo. The vlogger was lambasted for failing to respect the privacy of Edison and his daughter, and intentionally angering him.

“If you’re not doing this on purpose, shouldn’t you put down your camera before speaking?” one questioned, while another asked, “Have you forgotten about the time Edison hit a reporter’s camera?”

Photos: PBE Media

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