Eddie Peng refutes dating rumours with Xu Qing

The latest wave of speculation has linked him to his Hidden Man co-actress who is 13 years older than him

eddie peng dating

Eddie Peng’s love life has always been under the scrutiny of the public, especially since he previously declared that he hopes to tie the knot before his 35th birthday. With the actor celebrating his 36th birthday in March, the spotlight on his potential girlfriends – or lack thereof – has intensified.

This is also why the latest wave of rumours linking him to his Hidden Man co-star, Xu Qing, has become a subject of great interest. The pair worked on the movie together and spent a lot of time together on-set, which is said to have led to them growing fond of each other and eventually starting a romantic relationship.

While some of his fans were supportive, others pointed out that Xu Qing is 13 years older than Eddie, and that he should date someone closer to his age.

There were other netizens who put together alleged evidence of them hinting at their relationship on social media, which has sparked a huge debate on social media.

This is not the first time Eddie has been linked with a co-star, as he once said, “Every time I work with a female actress, I’ll end up on the headlines. I think I should just clear the air once and for all. Media reports are scary, but all of you don’t have to worry, because being a home-wrecker isn’t my style.”

In response to the recent reports, both Xu Qing and Eddie’s management agencies have denied the reports, with both labels issuing a simple “it’s untrue and groundless”. Eddie’s management also requested that the media “stop trying to fabricate rumours”.

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