Eddie Peng hopes to be married before 35

Single and ready to mingle Eddie Peng wants to tie the knot before he hits 35 years old


Taiwanese-Canadian actor Eddie Peng, who was promoting his new movie To The Fore at an event on Wednesday, spoke about his ideal life partner and marrying age.

“I used to want to be married before 30, but now, I realise that the years have gone by in the blink of an eye, so getting married before 35 would be fine too.” (He turns 35 in less than two years' time)

Eddie explained that he has four criteria for his perfect partner (though he’s satisfied with his current status), “She needs to have a kind personality and a mind of her own. Plus, she needs to be a family person and be understanding about his work life”.

He continued to say that he isn’t the type to chase girls and prefers to start off as friends first, “I may ask a friend to help me ask her if she’s single or not first.” However, he said that he’s a lot more confident now that he’s become an actor and dares to make the first move.

Rumoured to be dating Chinese actress-model Dada Chan, Eddie lamented, “In the past year, we’ve already made headlines five or six times and I usually don’t clarify the rumours unless it affects my work.”

Eddie also admitted that he doesn’t enjoy sharing about his private life and doesn’t want to create news just to hype up a show. He’s also very protective of his family when it comes to the paparazzi, as he said, “If anyone disturbs my family, I will take legal action.”

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