Eddie Peng fined for “possessing prohibited items” at Taiwan airport

The actor's manager has revealed the full story behind the incident.


Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng made headlines in Taiwan earlier this week when it was revealed that the 37-year-old had been fined at the airport for “possessing prohibited items” at the Taipei Songshan Airport.

As it turns out, Eddie had been slapped with a NT$3,000 (approximately S$131) fine after fruit was discovered in his backpack. After news of his “run-in with the authorities” was reported, Eddie’s manager revealed the full story behind the incident.

According to Eddie’s manager, she had asked the actor to go on ahead to the car waiting at the entrance of the airport once the plane had landed. But, as she had a number of luggage to handle, Eddie decided to help out by carrying her backpack for her before heading to the car.

However, while she was waiting for the luggage at the baggage collection area, she found out that Eddie had been held back at the customs checkpoint. The manager then revealed that she had left an uneaten piece of fruit in her backpack, as she did not want to waste food. Once the piece of fruit was discovered, the authorities did not allow them to throw it away, and insisted on fining Eddie for bringing it into the country.

Eddie’s manager also expressed her regret that she did not request for the authorities to name her as the offender instead of Eddie, as that might have prevented the matter from reaching the public. 

“Eddie was kind enough to help me carry my bag, and I immediately rushed over [once I heard the news], only for him to tell me that everything had been settled. I feel very sorry - if I had not accepted his gesture of goodwill, we wouldn’t have needed to waste space on everyone’s newspapers."

She then ended her explanation by questioning if the custom officials were allowed to spread information regarding this offence to the public.

Photos: PBE Media

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