Actors Jiang Wen and Eddie Peng attended the premiere of their film Hidden Man in Hong Kong on August 27.

This was Jiang Wen's sixth time directing a film. Eddie said, "Jiang Wen is a strict director. He has very high standards when it comes to memorising lines and getting the details right." He added that singing the theme song with Faye Wong was a very memorable and enjoyable experience, and that he believes the soundtrack gives the action blockbuster a romantic feel.

When asked about the rumours that he and co-star Xu Qing were in a reel-to-real relationship, he clarified, "Now anyone can write anything they want on the internet, whether it is true or not. We are both professional actors, so please do not think too much."

The topic then changed to Shawn Yue's son Cody. Eddie said, "I will play with Cody when I have the time. He really looks like both his parents. I think I'm his godfather, but Shawn has so many friends, I think I need to confirm that with him!"

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