Eddie Peng clears the air around ‘seat snatching’ controversy

The incident occurred during the 2018 Weibo Movie Night

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Another day, another strange controversy. The 2018 Weibo Movie Night was held on June 17, and the who’s-who of showbiz made their appearance at the glitzy awards. However, it seems that some of the happenings that went on behind-the-scenes caused much debate among netizens.

The incident in question is when Eddie Peng allegedly sat in the first row, taking away the spot that Li Bingbing was meant to be in. Those familiar with the situation explained that Eddie was originally supposed to be in the second row, whereas Bingbing was informed that she would be in the first row.

However, when the stars entered the venue, a last-minute change saw Eddie sitting in the front row, with no seat left in the first row for Bingbing. This is reported to have infuriated the actress, who refused to take a place in another row.

Neither Bingbing nor Eddie issued an official statement, and the issue was slowly forgotten by netizens. However, a news outlet published an interview piece with Eddie earlier this week, in which they claimed he said that his “conscience is clear”, sparking another round of intense debate amongst netizens.

Following the uproar, Eddie’s work studio issued a statement which read, “The content from the interview is not true. We hope that the media will give the public and artistes a truthful report, (especially after) this misunderstanding has been created (as a result of the false reports).”

They further explained that Eddie did not know about the last-minute change just before the ceremony, and merely followed instructions that were given to him. After finding out about the change in the allocation of seats, he had also apologised to Bingbing and her team for the inconvenience.

Photo: PBE Media

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