Despite garnering rave reviews for his performance at Saturday night's (Jun 29) Golden Melody Awards in Taipei, Hong Kong singer Eason Chan does not seem to be satisfied by his own mini showcase.

Speaking at a celebration event in Taipei on June 30, the 44-year-old, who sang a medley of hits by past Golden Melody Awards winners, admitted that he made two mistakes. "The longer I am in showbiz, the harder it gets to convince me that I've done a good job," he said. "I hold myself to very strict standards."

However, he praised host Lulu Huang's rapping, with his only critique being, "When you're rapping, you don't need to squat so low."

Despite hosting the Golden Melody Awards for the very first time (and also being the youngest ever host in the ceremony's history), Lulu was lauded for doing a good job. She gushed about all the encouragement she's been getting, including from her mentor Mickey Huang, who texted her and said, "Good job, I'm proud of you."

​​​​​​​Photos: TPG

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