Producers of Doze Niu film deny ‘paying off’ sexual assault accuser

The director says that he was under the impression that they were in a relationship

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Taiwanese director Doze Niu, who was recently accused of sexual assault by a female staff member of his latest film, Pao Ma, has been released on bail of NT$1.5 million (approximately SGD$66,000). However, he is forbidden to leave the country or travel.

While he was leaving the local prosecutor’s office, he was approached by the media for a statement. Addressing them, Doze said that he has “never harboured thoughts of harming other people, nor has he attempted to coerce them into doing things”. Adding that the female staff member had stayed back after the gathering, he said, “Maybe we interpreted the action differently, (I) was unable to guess her true intentions or feelings.”

Doze said that he cares for the staff member and that as he really likes her, he will continue to protect her. He hopes that the world will know that he has already suffered the biggest punishment. 

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“I can only say, I’m not like what the media is reporting, (I’m not) a demon. I will co-operate with all investigations, trusting, and anticipating that the law will give me the fairest judgement,” he said.

In other related news, it was reported that the female staff member had attended the party together with the wife of the film’s executive producer, Chou Zhi Xian, as well as a couple and their child, and a group of designers.

Later, it was reported that the executive producer had raised NT$600,000 (approximately SGD$26,000) and handed it to the staff member as a form of payout to ‘resolve the dispute’.

However, when approached for a comment, he said that the payment was not a “settlement”.

“She has no job currently, which is why we came up with this money”. He also shared that his wife was not present at the party at that day. He was supposed to attend it, as the group leader of the female staff member’s design group, but he had yet to arrive.

He shared that he will “take care” of her, and that the morale of the entire production crew is very low. However, the entire crew stands behind, and supports the female staff member. He added that if Doze really did assault the staff member, “our trust in him will have been destroyed”.

Previous reports have stated that the production of the movie has been halted indefinitely.

Photos: PBE Media

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