Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen attended the press conference for his new film Big Brother in Taipei on August 13.

Because of Fan Bingbing's recent tax evasion scandal, the Chinese government began a crackdown on celebrities charging exorbitant rates. Donnie shared his thoughts on the situation, saying, "I think this is a suitable solution. Everyone has a social responsibility, such as paying taxes."

Donnie admitted that when he attended school in Boston, he was a problem student due to the negative influences and environment around him. When asked how one should deal with problem students, he said, "I think students, parents and teachers can work together to help these children with a positive attitude. This is why I did this film: I want these children to know that there’s still hope in their lives."

Talking about his daughter Jasmine, Donnie said, "I am always busy with work and don’t have too much time to educate her. It's my wife’s responsibility to teach Jasmine to do the right things."

He then told an amusing story about he and his daughter's recent trip to New York together. "She bought a lot of things at the mall, so I carried a lot of the shopping bags for her and waited her like a fool!" It's hard to imagine the powerful Donnie Yen doing such a thing, but he clearly loves his little girl.

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