Even the best Google sleuth would find it hard to track down a photo of Donnie Yen’s three kids  — Jeff, 23, Jasmine, 14, and James, 11.

The Hongkong action star is famously low-key about his offspring, and his brood of three has rarely been photographed together.

But recently, Donnie posted a photo of his children on social media to celebrate Father’s Day, calling himself “the luckiest father in the world”. He also superimposed sunglasses on them to partially obscure their faces (and presumably protect their privacy).

Jeff is the Ip Man star's son from his first marriage to advertising executive Leung Zing Ci. The couple wedded in the United States in 1992, but split less than a year later. There were rumours that they broke up due to Donnie’s involvement with Hongkong actress Joey Meng.  

After the divorce was finalised, Zing Ci discovered that she was pregnant with Jeff. The court awarded her custody of Jeff, and it was said that she and Donnie had a hard time co-parenting, as Zing Ci reportedly prevented her ex from seeing Jeff despite a prior visitation agreement.

Donnie went on to marry Canadian former beauty queen Cecilia Wang in 2003, and it seems like the second time’s the charm for the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor: the couple is frequently portrayed by the media to be #relationshipgoals and committed parents to their two kids, Jasmine and James.

In 2013, Donnie was accused by netizens for being a “heartless father” when reports surfaced that he had refused to visit his son Jeff when the latter was hospitalised for pneumothorax and underwent a lung operation. Zing Ci apparently called up Donnie tearfully and asked him to visit their ailing son in the hospital, but he did not show up as he was busy with work.

Donnie later clarified that he has a good relationship with Jeff, and that he had not visited his son in the hospital as the doctors had assured that Jeff’s condition was stable, which allowed Donnie to focus on his work commitments.

It looks like father and son do share a decent relationship, as Jeff was recently photographed with his half-siblings. Netizens pointed out that Donnie and Jeff look very much alike, and share the same smile. Take a look for yourself in the photo gallery above.