The Wuhan virus has hit the Chinese film industry hard. Not only were the releases of multiple films over the Chinese New Year holidays postponed, the filming of many movies in the country have been halted because of the outbreak. 

One such movie is Donnie Yen’s upcoming thriller (tentatively titled) Polar Rescue. The cast and crew had started working on the movie last December, with filming taking place on Changbai Mountain in the Jilin province. After taking a three-day break from January 24 to 26, filming for the movie was scheduled to resume on Monday (January 27).

However, because of the outbreak, the main investor for the movie, Filmko Film, decided to suspend work on Polar Rescue until November this year. The CEO of Filmko Film shared in a statement that they decided to halt filming because there are over 800 cast and crew members and it was the only way to prevent a possible outbreak amongst the team.

“The workers have already received their salary in advance, and have agreed to resume filming in November this year instead,” read the statement. And since the movie is called Polar Rescue, the presence of snow-capped mountains are essential for filming, which is why it had to be postponed to November.

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