Donnie Yen reveals why he walked out of charity dinner

The martial arts star denied that it was due to the seating arrangements as previously reported


Earlier this week (March 25), Hong Kong martial arts star Donnie Yen and his family attended the amfAR charity dinner that was held in Hong Kong.

However, the family of three, who walked the red carpet, were an eventual no-show at the dinner itself. Donnie’s wife, former beauty queen Cissy Wang took to her Instagram to explain their absence, sharing that they had felt discriminated against at the event.

Subsequent reports shared that Donnie and his family were displeased with their seating arrangement at the event, and had felt that they were snubbed by the organisers, especially when they refused to change the family’s seats as requested. 

However, Donnie spoke to the media yesterday (March 28), denying the reports. The 55-year-old shared that he were angered by the attitudes of the crew members, and not the seating arrangement as previously reported. 

“We were seated near the door, but our seats were not the main issue. It was their attitude that I could not accept,” Donnie said.

He shared that the family wanted to enter the dinner venue early to avoid the crowd outside. However, once they were inside, a foreign female staff member told them to “get out” in a rude manner even though there were a number of other guests inside. 

Cissy, who was displeased with the woman’s attitude, then asked to talk to her supervisor, who arrived soon after. However, even before Cissy had finished speaking, the man simply turned around and left. 

“He did not show us basic respect, so we decided to leave,” Donnie explained.

He also went on to share that racial discrimination is still apparent in today’s society, even though many choose to turn a blind eye towards it. 

Photos: Donnie Yen/Instagram

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