Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen attended the premiere of his new film Big Brother, which he also produced, in Taipei on August 12. His wife Cecilia Wang, who is also one of the producers of the film, was at the event.

A recent news report exposed that he can earn as high as 100 million RMB (about S$20 million) per film. Donnie did not deny the reports, saying, "My remuneration from every film is open and transparent, and it differs for every film. When I shot Chasing The Dragon, the filming schedule was originally supposed to be 80 days, but I worked for over 240 days. Over the past decade, I have participated in more films than many other actors."

The martial arts superstar promised that the stunts in his new film will not disappoint audiences. He also said that it was like a dream project for him. "The role I played in Chasing The Dragon was too murderous, so I wanted to convey a more positive energy and message this time," he said.

In Big Brother, Donnie plays a high school teachers who has to use his special skill set to rescue one of his students who has been kidnapped.

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