Divorce plagues Cecilia Cheung’s career

Director of movie Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 did not cast her because of her divorce

divorce plagues cecilia cheung s career

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung’s life has been a rollercoaster lately. In September, news of her ex-husband Nicholas Tse reconciling with old flame Faye Wong left the public and media reeling in shock, then the 34-year-old actress was hospitalised, reportedly due to the reconciliation. And barely a week later, Cecilia was hit by rumours of her dating a Singaporean restaurant owner.

But her divorce, albeit in 2011, still lingers on the minds of many, including director of Chinese movie Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 Johnnie To. At a recent event to promote the film, he revealed he had considered casting Cecilia in the movie but “now that she’s in this state and is divorced, who dares to cast her?”

The critique caused much uproar and on Wednesday, the president of the actress’s agency AEG Entertainment Group rebutted Johnnie for criticising Cecilia to gain publicity.

He said, “I feel comforted yet terrible for him that he has to stoop to making use of others to publicise his movie. This is unbecoming of a director.”

While the single mother-of-two is seen as a “curse to box office performance” and has devoted her time to taking care of her sons Lucas, 7, and Quintus, 4, Cecilia has been making appearances in China recently, in a bid to salvage her popularity there through variety show Star To My House where she spends time in a village.

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