Director of Fan Bingbing's movie also embroiled in tax evasion rumours

Chinese film director Feng Xiao Gang stepped out to strongly deny the speculation


In May this year, former CCTV host Cui Yong Yuan revealed parts of Chinese actress Fan Bingbing’s contracts for upcoming movie, Cell Phone 2, which is directed by Chinese film director Feng Xiao Gang.

In his post, Yong Yuan alleged that Bingbing had signed dual ‘yin-yang’ acting contracts to evade taxes, kicking off a series of investigations that have resulted in the actress disappearing from the public eye for months.

The ensuing media storm also singled out Xiao Gang, with many suspecting him of having done the same, as he is also involved in Cell Phone 2.

In July, the 60-year-old issued a lengthy statement denying his involvement in the matter, and questioned Yong Yuan’s reason behind the exposé.

“You used the contract of a production that you took part in, and spun it so that your feelings and thoughts are taken as fact. You created panic among stock market investors, causing the prices of shares of businesses in the entertainment industry to fall. Numerous investors suffered great losses, and yet, you rejoice in the face of their misery,” he wrote, rebuking Yong Yuan for his actions.

However, the post has since been deleted by Xiao Gang without any explanation given. More recently, the director stepped out to deny that he evaded taxes after rumours started spreading that the 60-year-old is on the wanted list.

“To all the scheming people out there who started these false rumours and distorted the truth to plot against me with libelous statements, you are not just deranged, you’re already at the point where you’re completely looking down on the law, which works to protect citizens and their reputation,” he wrote.

Xiao Gang then went on to share that his company pays several hundred millions in taxes every year, and that he pays a few hundred millions in personal income tax as well. 

“If we estimate that the financial assistance given out by the country to those in need is around RMB800 (approximately S$161) a month, my company and I must have helped the country a lot, by shouldering this responsibility (with the country, by paying our taxes), and helping those below the poverty line,” he wrote.

The director also revealed that he has never been paid more than RMB 5 million (approximately S$1.01 million) for a leading role in a movie, in his 10 years in the business.

“To those internet trolls, why do you harbour so much hatred against me? Have I ever hurt you? Can you put your anger aside, and ask yourself that? I’m warning these rumour mongers to stop inciting the public and engaging in such vicious behaviour by using the entertainment industry as your punching bag. That’s despicable,” he wrote.

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