Did Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Go To San Francisco For Their Wedding Shoot?

K-drama fans are everywhere.

Korean superstar couple Song Joong Ki, 31, and Song Hye Kyo, 35, who announced in July that they will be walking down the aisle on Oct 31, were photographed on the plane from Korea to Los Angeles yesterday.

song joong ki song hye kyo on plane
Is this included in the airfare? The price of being superstars means having not even a moment of privacy.

A passenger, who was on the same flight, posted a pic on Weibo and observed that Joong Ki read a book throughout the flight, while his bride-to-be watched movies. From time to time, the lovey-dovey couple chatted with each other and seemed completely immersed in their own world. Or so they thought. 

song hye kyo wedding ring
Put a ring on it: Song Hye Kyo's rumoured wedding ring as seen from a photo published in Apple Daily. 

Hye Kyo was also seen wearing a ring on her fourth finger, with many speculating that it was her wedding ring. However, her fans refuted the rumour by pointing out that she’s been wearing the same ring since last year.

Earlier today, the couple was spotted in a restaurant in San Fran, where the Joong Ki was seen serving Hye Kyo soup before having his own meal. 

song song hotel san fran
So much luggage: Eagle-eyed fans in San Fran became roving reporters for a day. 

Other fans (we guess there are many K-drama fans in the city) also saw the pair with what looked like a photo shoot entourage in a hotel in San Fran (above), sparking rumours that the couple are there to take their wedding pics. It's been reported that they've hired photog Hong Jang Hyun, who took the wedding snaps of Korean actor Bae Yong Joon and his wife Park Soo Jin, as well as Korean singer-actress Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sang Soon as their wedding photog. 

Guess only time, and other eagle-eyed Song-Song fans in San Francisco now, will tell if that rumour is true. 

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