Did Julian Chen secretly tie the knot?

The singer-actor uploaded a picture of a cake with the words ‘wife' on it


Taiwanese singer-actor Julian Chen came under the scrutiny of the media recently for his unique dressing, particularly when it comes to fashion events. However, it seems that the attention has now shifted to the 47-year-old’s love life.

The Little Tigers ex-member has always kept his love life private, with his most publicised relationship being with his My Fair Princess co-star, Chinese actress Zhang Heng. Since then, he is said to have dated and broken up with a non-celebrity he met in New York, as well as an unnamed female said to be 10 years his junior.

Julian previously shared his plans to get married when he turns 40. But, it seems that things did not exactly go to plan for Julian, with the singer-actor remaining single, at least to the public's knowledge.

On Monday (April 22), he uploaded a picture of a small birthday cake, with the words, “Happy birthday wife’, written on it, to the surprise of his fans. 

Many wondered if the singer-actor had gotten married without the public’s knowledge. A number of theories and possible explanations for the cake was offered by his fans, with some wondering if it was just a cake Julian’s father had bought for his mother, as the singer-actor is known to be filial. But, another fan has since refuted the theory, sharing that Julian’s mother had celebrated her birthday a few months ago.

Julian has yet to address the speculations as of press time.

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