When it comes to showbiz feuds, there are few as famous (not to mention, uncalled for) as the one between Jay Chou and his former mentor Jacky Wu. As we all know, the Taiwanese host was the one who discovered Jay and was responsible for the singer’s best-selling debut album which sealed his reputation as Asia’s biggest and brightest music talent. But their relationship hit a bump in 2001 when Jacky sold off his record company Alfa Music after running into some financial difficulty. It was said that Jay, who was signed under Alfa Music at that time, had viewed the deal as a ‘betrayal’.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back happened in 2005 after Jay was photographed with his arm around Taiwanese TV host Patty Hou while on holiday in Tokyo. When asked about the lovebirds, Jacky told reporters that the Jay was actually in a relationship with Jolin Tsai. His statement quickly made headlines and Jay was immediately labelled a cheater, much to his chagrin. And so, Jay’s already strained relationship with his mentor hit rock bottom.

It didn’t help that Jacky wasn’t invited to Jay’s wedding to Hannah Quinlivan in 2015. His omission from the guest list drew the ire of Jacky who told reporters, “What do I owe you? Why are you so against me?”, which many felt was directed at Jay. Jay’s record label JVR then released a statement saying that Jacky’s name was on the original guest list but it was Jay’s mum who had final say, hinting that she was the one who rescinded Jacky’s invitation.

And even though Jacky later told reporters that he had “already let the incident go”, he told reporters, who asked if he was attending Jay’s concert: “He didn’t invite me, why should I attend it?”

But last night (Jul 19), Jay posted on IG a photo of Jacky and his SBDW bandmates with caption:  “Good luck for your concert! Your reunion takes me back to the past. It’s been 20 years. Time flies.” Jay, who wrote a number of SBDW’s hit songs like ‘Armageddon’, also added two thumbs up and two flexed biceps emojis.

That statement quickly went viral online with many believing that it was Jay’s way of extending an olive branch and that it was a sign that their decade-long feud was finally over. When asked if he had invited Jay to the concert, Jacky replied: “There’s really no bad blood between us, people change with time. But it’s good change. This time I’ve chosen to sing six songs that he wrote because I am a Jay Chou fan. I promise I will sing them well. You never know what will happen next but I really do like his songs. As for everything else, it’s not important.”