Dicky Cheung opens up about losing unborn child 10 years ago

The actor did not realise that he was still hurting over his wife’s miscarriage ten years ago


When Hong Kong singer-actor Dicky Cheung’s wife, Hong Kong actress Jess Zhang was forced to terminate her pregnancy 10 years ago, the actor turned his focus to caring for his wife, neglecting his own emotional state in the process.

The couple had initially announced that they were expecting in 2007. However, in 2008, eight months into Jess’s pregnancy, they found out that their unborn daughter did not have a heartbeat. The news devastated the couple, especially Jess.

In a recent interview, Dicky recounted that he was at a loss back then. At that time his only thought was to be there for his wife, to help her through the entire ordeal. “All of my attention, every single part of me was focused on her, in the hopes that she would be able to return to her healthy self in the shortest time possible,” he shared.

At that time, all he thought about was how to make Jess happy, even if it was only for an hour, or just 15 minutes. However, he never realised that when Jess eventually got over the pain of losing a child, he was still mired in the pain. It was only when he attended a talk on “medical treatment for parents who’ve lost a child”, that he finally realised that he was still in pain over the loss of their unborn child.

“A large majority of people will focus their attention on the mother. Of course, it is the mum who hurts the most, but what many don’t realise is that the father is hurt as well,” Dicky shared. He then ended off by calling for the public to remember to show some concern for the father as well, if they ever experience a similar situation in their lives.

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