Dicky Cheung reveals why he and his wife have lived apart for 18 years

The Hong Kong singer-actor says that the couple trusts each other implicitly


Hong Kong singer-actor Dicky Cheung has been happily wed to fellow actress Jess Zhang for almost two decades. However, he recently revealed that the couple has been living apart for the past 18 years, explaining that their relationship remains strong because of their decision.

He guested on variety programme Familiar Taste recently, where he shared more about their unconventional long-distance relationship. “I understand that Jess’ mother spends most of her time in Beijing. Jess has been in Beijing (where she was born) for most her life, and her life revolves around what’s happening there,” he said “I don’t want her to give up her entire life and what she’s used to (and move to Hong Kong) just because of me.”

For Dicky, who lives in Hong Kong, either he or Jess will hop on a plane at least once a month so that they see each other regularly.

“Even though we’re far away from each other, we always tell each other where we are, who we’re with and what we’re doing,” he continued. “We call each other multiple times a day, and we never lie to one another.”

Dicky also let on that he and his wife trust each other implicitly, and Jess has never been wavered even when reports of Dicky cheating on her were reported by various media outlets.

The couple was expecting their first child a decade ago, but had to terminate the pregnancy after they could not detect the fetus' heartbeat.

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