Details of G.E.M.’s lawsuit against management agency revealed

The singer claims that Hummingbird Music had attempted to compel her into participating in illegal activities


As the dispute between Hong Kong singer G.E.M. and her management agency Hummingbird Music heats up, more details of the 28-year-old’s grievances against the agency have come to light, as court documents were revealed to the media.

Among those named in the lawsuit include Hummingbird Music’s creative director Lupo Groinig.

In the court documents, the singer alleges that Hummingbird Music had forced her to sign a new contract in March 2014, extending her contract with them. G.E.M. claims that as the 5-year contract was signed in 2014, it should have expired in March this year. However, Hummingbird Music claims that the 5-year contract started in 2016, after G.E.M’s previous contract expired. Thus, the singer is still with the management agency till 2022.

Apart from that, G.E.M. claims that the agency “intends to, or is currently participating in illegal activities”. Apart from that, they “attempted to compel G.E.M. to participate in or be a part of said activities”.

She further alleged that Hummingbird Music harmed her reputation and transferred a portion of her profits to a third party without her knowledge.

Additionally, the agency also changed the password to her original YouTube account, GEMblog, and has since trademarked the names G.E.M. and Deng Ziqi (G.E.M’s Chinese stage name) in Hong Kong and China without her approval.

When reached for further comment, a member of G.E.M’s team declined to comment as “G.E.M. does not want this to become a war”.

Hummingbird Music has since released a 1375 word statement clarifying their stance, sharing that in their 12 years with G.E.M., they have never stopped working and planning for the singer’s career. However, due to influence of the people around her, G.E.M. has begun to think that the agency has been taking advantage of her all these years.

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