Desmond Tan, Rebecca Lim sing Star Awards theme song together with Zoe and Hanwei

The former BFFs will be sharing the stage at this year’s 25th anniversary event

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Former BFFs Desmond Tan and Rebecca Lim will be sharing the stage at this year’s Star Awards, as the pair, along with Zoe Tay and Chen Han Wei, perform the Star Awards 2019 Theme Song together.

For the milestone 25th anniversary of local TV’s biggest event, Mandopop maestro Jim Lim works the iconic Star Awards jingle into a theme song, ‘Starlight’. While the vocals that you hear in the music video come courtesy of SPOP SING! alums Jarrell Ng, Marcus Tay, Karena Yeo and Daryl-Ann Jansen, we’ll hearing the voices of the four actors on stage at the April 14 ‘live’ show.

When asked why these four actors were chosen, a Mediacorp spokesman shared, “Hanwei and Zoe both have longstanding relationships with the Star Awards, and are natural choices as the Ah Ge and Ah Jie of Mediacorp.”

“Desmond and Rebecca have been recognised for their acting abilities, having won the Best Actor and Best Actress respectively last year. With Desmond's passion for singing and Rebecca as representative of the next generation of talents, we believe they can lend their shine to the Star Awards theme song through their voices.”

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So, while they ready themselves to take the stage (for more than once, we hope), we check in with Desmond and Becks at the Star Awards Top 40 press conference, held earlier this month. Separately, though, as their respective managers declined to let us interview the two stars together, and politely requested that we not ask them questions about each other either.

“I think the hardest part for me will be memorising all the lyrics,” Desmond said with a chuckle, adding “I think I have them all in my head.”

As for Rebecca, she’s memorised the lyrics, but isn’t that confident about belting it out on tune. “You know when you sing, you think you sound right, but it may not be exactly what it’s supposed to be,” she lamented. “I’m working on it.”

Her form of working on it includes singing the theme song every chance she gets - when the SPOP SING! alumni sang it on stage at the press con, she was singing along in the waiting area. And of course, she practises in the shower.

When we did the interview, the quartet had yet to start on group practices, so neither of the two could tell us what the actual performance will be like. 

Do you guys have to dance? 

“I really have no idea,” said Rebecca, looking worried for a moment. “They definitely didn’t mention that but my arms and legs aren’t very coordinated so I’m hoping there won’t be any dancing involved or I’d really have to put in extra effort for that.”

Visit the official Star Awards 2019 microsite for more information.

Catch the Star Awards 2019 Walk of Fame on April 14, Sunday, 5.30pm on Channel 8/U and Toggle.
Catch the 2019 Star Awards Main Show on April 14, Sunday, 7pm on Channel 8/U and Toggle.

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