Taiwanese actors Nini Ouyang and Derek Chang attended a fashion event in Taipei on September 7.

Derek has been nominated for Best Actor at the upcoming Golden Bell Awards for his performance in television series My Dear Boy. However, he admitted that he doesn't stand a high chance of winning. "So many of my seniors were nominated as well. Although [my co-star] Ruby Lin was not nominated this year, she is still the best actress in my heart. I want to invite her to walk the red carpet with me."

The paparazzi had shot Nini on an intimate shopping trip with her business partner Li Jia An in August. Although they were spotted holding hands, Nini refused to admit that he is her boyfriend. "We are just business partners and good friends. We often go out together," she said.

When asked if she would ever go public with her relationships, Nini said, "No matter what I do, the paparazzi will still shoot me, so I just live my life well."

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