Taiwanese host Dee Hsu attended a charity event to raise awareness for the care of dementia patients in Taipei on January 16.

She admitted that she matched three or four early symptoms of being at risk of getting dementia. "If I really do lose my memory one day, I wouldn't know, but my family, especially my daughters, will suffer the most," she said.

Dee then admitted that she has recently had thoughts about quitting showbiz because of the pressures of maintaining a slim body as a female celebrity, thus not being able to eat her favourite spicy hotpot. Besides that, she also admitted to being tired and lacking confidence as well. "It's so troublesome to be a public figure!" she said, adding that she is considering leaving the entertainment industry with her sister Barbie Hsu.

However, she changes her mind every time she thinks about the money. "I want to save up as much money as I can for my daughters," she said. Dee then shared that she has realised how effective she has been at training her daughters to be frugal by not simply buying toys for them. "My eldest daughter thinks that even clothes worth TW$ 290 (about S$12.70) are expensive!" she said.

Dee herself is not in the habit of simply spending money, even on herself. She revealed that she is able to use the same handbag for over 10 years, and even when the strap has broken, she can't bring herself to throw it away. Instead, she would rather spend money on her mother and grandmother. "I like to see their faces light up when they receive gifts," she gushed.

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