Dee Hsu stands up for her husband after he was accused of cheating on her

He was seen behaving intimately with two younger women

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Taiwanese host Dee Hsu’s husband, businessman Mike Hsu, has been accused by Taiwanese media of cheating on her after he was recently spotted at a nightclub behaving intimately with two younger women. He was photographed leaving the nightclub later that night with one of the women, and reports claimed that he even sent her home.  

Further digging by the media showed that he had transferred RMB10,000 (S$1,974) to one of the women’s bank accounts, which caused even more online debate over the nature of their relationship.

Many netizens expressed their sympathy for Dee, who has always been a family woman and a dedicated mother to her three daughters. However, the host has since stood up for her husband and claimed he was merely “having a night out with his friends”.

“Whenever his friends visit Taiwan, he’ll take good care of them. There were both men and women present at the gathering, and I know the girl in the photos as well. She’s his good friend!” she said when contacted by reporters for a reponse.

When asked about the money that Mike had reportedly transferred to one of the women, however, she claimed that she knows nothing of it, and refused to comment further.

After the scandal broke, she uploaded a photo of herself with Mike and their daughters while on holiday at Shanghai Disneyland. Netizens have continued to debate over the issue in the comments section of the post, pointing out that Mike should treat Dee better for standing by his side even when faced with the cheating allegations.

Dee and Mike tied the knot in 2005 and have three daughters, Elly, 13, Lily, 11, and Alice, 6, together.

Photos: PBE Media

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