Dee Hsu’s ambiguous comment towards Charmaine Sheh comes under fire

Netizens debated her true intentions behind them

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Charmaine Sheh has seen her popularity skyrocketing to new heights after playing the empress in hit drama Story of Yanxi Palace. The actress has seen a surge in her number of fans, and that has included fellow celebs such as Dee Hsu.

Charmaine, Dee, Laurinda Ho and Wu Jinyan had a chance meeting in Paris, France, where they took a number of photos together and uploaded it online. Netizens praised all four stars for in the photos, but one of Dee’s comments has stirred a bit of a controversy online.

In Dee’s social media post, she praised Jinyan for being “really slim”, while she remarked that Charmaine’s “face is really tight”. This led to some fans wondering if Dee was insinuating that Charmaine had gone overboard with the Botox injections on her face, and questioned the variety host’s intentions behind the comment.

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However, others pointed out that Dee most likely meant it as a compliment, and that Charmaine had taken such good care of her skin over the years that it remains as youthful looking and free of fine lines as ever.

Both Dee and her older sister Barbie Hsu are known in the variety scene for their sharp tongues, but this has sometimes gotten them into trouble. Barbie was previously questioned about her joke about Dee getting a divorce, which was defended by netizens as a comment that meant no harm.

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