Dee Hsu: Lin Chi-ling has been ignoring us after getting married

The straight-talking Taiwanese host shared that she once tried to introduce someone to Chi-ling, but her matchmaking attempt ultimately failed


Taiwanese host Dee Hsu, much like her sister Barbie Hsu, is known for her straight-talking ways. 

Earlier this month, she and fellow host Kevin Tsai, who have been hosting variety programme Zhen Xiang Ba! Hua Hua Wan Wu since last July, discussed a topic that has been hotly debated for the past month or so - Lin Chi-ling’s wedding.

While Kevin boasted that he knew about her marriage “three minutes before everyone else did”, Dee commented that she only found out about it through Chi-ling’s social media update.

“(Chi-ling's husband, Japanese singer Akira) is someone who I’ve never seen or encountered before, and I’ve never even heard his name. I don’t know how she ended up marrying him!” she continued.

Kevin agreed with Dee on this point, sharing that the last time he heard of a Japanese name among their friends was three years ago, but was unable to confirm if the name in question was Akira’s.

They then moved on to the topic of whether they knew of anyone who had tried matchmaking Chi-ling in the years that she was single. Dee, ever as sharp-tongued, remarked, “Only people who are Chi-ling’s age need help with matchmaking”. The model will turn 45 in November.

Both Kevin and Dee let on that they tried introducing male friends to Chi-ling in the past, with Dee sighing that her attempt ultimately ended in failure.

“I’m sincerely happy that she found someone that she loves and loves her in return,” Dee continued. “Although, after getting married, she’s completely disappeared and has been ignoring us!”

Chi-ling and Akira announced on June 6 that they were married - a shocking revelation that came out of the blue as the pair had never indicated that they were dating. They met while working on a musical eight years ago and brought their relationship to the next level after being friends for years.

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